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The individual batting and pitching stats have been updated. Win Shares will be updated later this weekend.

Here’s a list of each league’s top Runs Created leaders. First, the American League:

Player       Team  RC
Guerrero V.  ANA   55
Mora M.      BAL   55
Ramirez M.   BOS   53
Rodriguez I. DET   50
Thomas F.    CHW   49
Young M.     TEX   49
Ortiz D.     BOS   46
Rodriguez A. NYY   46
Guillen J.   ANA   46
Suzuki I.    SEA   45
Beltran C.   KC    45
Guillen C.   DET   45

And the National League:

Player       Team  RC
Bonds B.     SFG   61
Rolen S.     STL   59
Casey S.     CIN   57
Berkman L.   HOU   55
Abreu B.     PHI   54
Pujols A.    STL   49
Gonzalez L.  ARI   49
Griffey Jr.  CIN   49
Lowell M.    FLO   48
Alou M.      CHC   47
Wilson C.    PIT   46
Dunn A.      CIN   45
Estrada J.   ATL   45

Reminder: our Runs Created stats include the impact of clutch hitting. I’ll have a further breakdown of clutch hitters in an article this Monday.

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