And That Happened

Giants 9, Cardinals 0:  Baseball rope-a-dope? The Giants just can’t be bothered until an elimination game? A Cardinal choke? An 88-win team finally showing why it only won 88 games?  A Giants pitching staff showing everyone that they are the deepest and best in the game? I guess there is some truth in all of that. Whatever you credit for the outcome of the series, however, this Game Seven was an obliteration, and it probably will stick with St. Louis for a long, long time.

For now it doesn’t matter, however, as the Giants are National League champs, and the Cardinals are going home to St. Louis, their ascent stalled one win short of the World Series for three straight games.  San Francisco will face Detroit. The matchup, on paper, looks excellent, a showdown of two teams with a long and rich history yet who have never faced one another in a World Series. Two great pitching staffs. Two likely MVP winners.  Bring. It. On.

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