April First News

Lots of big news broke today:

– New research has conclusively proven that Fidel Castro was cut from the Washington Senators in 1949.
– The Mets have traded David Wright to Tampa Bay for a couple of relievers.
– The Stick and Ball Guy has uncovered a top-secret Yankee ring-kissing ceremony.
– This isn’t related to baseball, but Bloglines has bridged the vastness of space by adding the capability of translating blogs to Klingon.

Or, as the press release says, Bloglines QaQ law’ Hoch Qaq puS. DaHjaj tlhIngan HolvaD mughta’ QonoSmey bobejmoHlaHbogh Bloglines’e’. nom tlhIngan Hol jatlhchoH ghot law’.

Quite the day.

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