A’s beat Twins

The A’s beat Johan Santana and the Twins today, 3-2. ESPN’s announcers chose Frank Thomas as their Game MVP. It’s hard to argue against a guy who hit two home runs, but the WPA leader of the game was actually Barry Zito, who only gave up one run over eight innings. Zito’s WPA was .341 and Thomas’s was .195. Actually, Thomas finished third on the A’s in WPA; Huston Street was second (.228). Santana led the Twins in WPA with .159.

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Dave Studeman was called a "national treasure" by Rob Neyer. Seriously. Follow his sporadic tweets @dastudes.
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Chloe Bag Crossbody

I saw the Chloe Cate Bag, a newer release for the brand, and thought it was beautiful. The design is elevated yet wearable, but I didn’t feel a deep yearning for it.