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Nah, just kidding, it’s actually some really cool baseball links! Here they are:

-Keep on voting for those BtB Sabermetric Awards (and keep your favorite THT writers in mind).

-Our friend Jack Moore takes a neat look at how much teams are paying per win in the arbitration market.

-Just how much do farm systems provide monetarily? Doug Gray tries to provide the answer.

-Sky Andrecheck is asking a similar question.

-Phil Birnbaum dissects the J.C. Bradbury-Tango aging curve controversy with a holistic take on peer review in scientific analysis.

-Project Prospect has a great guide coming out that is a must-have for prospect enthusiasts.

Here’s a look at how the AL East may play out in 2010.

-Bleed Cubbie Blue does a wonderful job explaining linear weights in the first of hopefully many in their sabermetrics primer series.

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