Benchmarks: Updates on Chase and Watch

In short, I’ll probably dispose of “Watch” and just stick with swing rates in three regions. As suggested by Tango and others, I’ve broken pitch locations down into three groups:

{exp:list_maker}In Tight Zone (ITZ)
Paint, Knees or Letters (PKL)
Outside Wide Zone (OWZ) {/exp:list_maker}

The zones are based on player height with a sprinkle of PITCHf/x operator data. It’s based on work Mike Fast has been doing, which I’ll gladly steal. I’ll have more in the follow-up benchmarks article, but don’t expect great detail on those zone definitions.

I’m still in pilot mode, so take a grain of salt — but here are the swing rates in each of the three regions even though their definitions are subject to change.

.559  .451  .369

I wonder if I need to tighten up the ITZ. Thoughts?

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Lucas Apostoleris
Lucas Apostoleris

This is really intriguing, but I’m confused.  The PKL zone would refer to pitches that were actually in the strike zone, correct?  And what qualifies for the “tight zone”?

Harry Pavlidis
Harry Pavlidis

By rule? No, the PKL pitches are are outside the 17 inch plate but inside the 24 inch plate. The knees and letters are really on the margin, at the moment. That is very much subject to change.

Also, if a pitch is both knees and paint, or letters and paint, it gets kicked into OWZ (shaving the corners).