Cashman should bolt

Ken Rosenthal thinks that Hank Steinbrenner’s Yankees don’t deserve general manager Brian Cashman, and throws out some teams he could land (Phillies, Nationals, Dodgers) at if he leaves the team after his contract expires at the end of the season. As a baseball fan who loves the organizational side of things, I’m rooting for this to happen because how good a GM Brian Cashman is one of those interesting unanswered questions.

Since taking over the team in 1998, he’s guided the Yankees to three titles and five AL pennants—but how much of that is due to the Yankees’ tremendous financial advantage? On the other hand, many other teams who spend a lot haven’t had nearly the same success. The Yankees have also certainly made some misteps, particularly pursuing Gary Sheffield instead of Vlad Guerrero and Randy Johnson instead of Carlos Beltran—but who hasn’t made mistakes? But many Cashman supporters point to interference from Steinbrenner the Elder as the reason for those moves.

Which is why it’d be so interesting to see him in another situation, removed from the most meddling owners and largest payroll in American professional sports.

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