College World Series odds: Omaha day 3

Day two brought fewer surprises, but both favorites—Texas and Arizona State—were pushed to the brink by their opponents. Accordingly, Arizona State (already the favorite before yesterday’s action) holds an even more commanding position, while Sunday’s losers—Southern Miss and North Carolina—have a long road out of tomorrow’s loser’s game. The wins by the favorites also hurt LSU’s chances a little bit: Now that the Tigers are that much more likely to face Texas and Arizona State in the finals, their path is more challenging as well.

Full odds after the jump.

Team                  FinalTwo  Champ
Texas                    30.8%  15.2%  
Southern Mississippi      1.1%   0.4%  
Arizona State            61.7%  40.4%  
North Carolina            6.3%   3.4%  

Cal State Fullerton      11.7%   6.0%  
Arkansas                 22.0%   5.2%  
Virginia                 13.8%   7.5%  
Louisiana State          52.6%  22.0%

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