Conflicts of interest

A Dodgers-Red Sox game is a dream of mine. But not in the regular season. The only time I ever want those two teams to meet is in October. Unfortunately for me, they met today, and David Ortiz hit a walk-off single to give the Red Sox the win, 2-1. It was a really good game — both starting pitchers (Derek Lowe and Odalis Perez) were excellent, and Ortiz went 3-for-4 with a home run and that game-winning single.

To make matters worse, the Yankees and the Padres are facing off tonight as well. I guess I’m in the strange position of rooting for the Yankees to win, because at least that way the standings won’t change. If it’s the other way around and San Diego wins, then that helps Boston but hurts LA. One of the only things that can make me happy about a Yankee victory is if it somehow helps my Dodgers, and this is one of those rare occasions.

Of course, I won’t get my way. The Yankees are down to their final 3 outs as I type this, and the Padres are winning 10-2 after scoring 5 in the top half of the ninth. Maybe I should just not look at the scores for a weekend, and come back Monday and check out the damage…

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