Consecutive Deal Streak

The Three Amigos (Billy, Paul, and J.P. — sounds like a pop group) are on a roll. Earlier I mentioned today’s trade that sent Jayson Werth from Toronto to L.A. in exchange for Jason Frasor. What I overlooked was yesterday’s deal: Jason Grabowski from the A’s to the Dodgers for “cash considerations.”

This is the second time in 3 weeks that Billy Beane has basically given Paul DePodesta a solid minor league vet. Grabowski, who turns 28 in May, has a .290/.389/.478 career line in the minor leagues, and at the very least, he strengthens the Dodger bench. Beane and Ricciardi have done some dealing of their own this offseason, with Bobby Kielty going from the Jays to the A’s, and Ted Lilly moving the other direction.

Anybody want to guess how long before an Oakland-Toronto-Los Angeles three-way deal? I’m thinking 2 months.

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