Create your own Pitch f/x database

A couple weeks ago at Beyond the Boxscore, I re-posted Mike Fast’s old tutorial on how to create a PItch f/x database with some commentary of my own. The purpose of this was to illistrate a layman’s point of view, when dealing with scary computer related stuff. Mike was also kind enough to drop by, and answer a lot of my/our questions.

You can all see the post here:

And also take a look at some of the comments by Mike at the bottom of the page. I hope you guys drop by and try to create your own database, because it really is an awesome resource to have if your interested in analysing baseball. I also encourage you to ask questions in the comments section, as I’m sure that Mike or one of the other excellent commenters will be able to help you out.

You should also check out BtB’s series on how to set up and use MySQL to analyze stats from the Baseball Databank and other things:

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