Day Two (Tampa Bay Still In First!)

Not a great day for Boston fans, I suppose. The Yankees destroyed Tampa Bay 12-1. Nomar is said to be out for several weeks, while Trot Nixon is already out for at least that long. Pedro is reportedly topping out at 90.

It’s a good thing Red Sox fans are generally optimistic and not prone to overreacting. Oh, wait…

By the way, as big as the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry is, and as much fun as it is to watch and talk about, I think Boston’s biggest threat during the regular season is…the Anaheim Angels. Why? Well, that’s the team, in addition to New York, that I think the Red Sox are going to have to compete with for a playoff spot.

And really, with the current setup, what’s the difference between winning the division and the Wild Card? The Yanks and Sox aren’t going to play in round one of the playoffs anyway, right?

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