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Every once in a while, I like to stroll on over to Doug’s Stats. Doug provides a wonderful service to baseball fans — he has built a program that pulls each day’s box scores and turns them into baseball stats for display on his site.

Now, you can get baseball stats from lots of places (including The Hardball Times!) but Doug does a few neat things. He runs no ads, he formats them so they’re easy to copy and paste into Excel, and he keeps a separate record of the most recent twenty games. If you’re interested, he keeps NBA stats and ten years of baseball data, too.

So I like to head over to his site and see what’s been happening over the last twenty games. I always find interesting stuff. For instance, you’re probably not surprised that the team with the best record over the past twenty games has been the Yankees (16-4). But did you know that the team with the second-best record has been the Devil Rays (14-6)? (Check out our divisonal graphs too) Or that the AL team with the most quality starts has been the Detroit Tigers?

The best and worst BA’s in the NL over the past twenty games belong to a couple of former Mets: Roger Cedeno and Rey Ordonez, respectively (minimum of twenty at bats). Speaking of the Mets, they lead the NL in stolen bases over the past twenty games. Now, that’s unexpected.

Check it out if you get a chance, and give a little thanks for Doug.

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