Frank Thomas to the A’s, Mariners fans disappointed

Frank Thomas is going to the A’s for the league minimum, as Mariners fans turn to YouTube to cheer them up.

I still think that Seattle would have been a better fit, and as an A’s fan myself I would probably be much happier if the A’s were winning with the kids, even if it meant they ultimately fell short, as in 2005. For the future, it’d probably be better if they started Ryan Sweeney and Chris Denorfia in the outfield, moved Cust and his lead feet to DH and didn’t start Mike Sweeney at all. Then, when Carlos Gonzalez is ready, he could replace whichever of Ryan Sweeney and Denorfia were less ready, and the A’s could have a solid, cheap outfield lined up for the next four or five years.

Regardless, this is a clear sign that the A’s see themselves as at least nominally in the playoff race this season, as if the Mike Sweeney and Emil Brown signings weren’t enough, not to mention the recent return of Kirk Saarloos.

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