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Amazin’ Avenue and Talking Chop are both coming out with annuals this year, as SB Nation’s baseball world keeps getting cooler. I was privileged enough to get a preview of the Amazin’ Annual, and as a Mets fan, I can say it’s true awesomeness. Oh, and our own Dave Studeman contributed to it, so you know it’s good.

-Another THTer, Jeremy Greenhouse, shows us the best pitches of 2009 according to PITCHf/x.

-How close are we to seeing a female major league player?

A cool interview with Brett Gardner, who just wants to get his OBP over .350.

-Tom Tango expounds on some questions regarding FIP.

-Now former minor leaguer Garret Broshuis writes about his decision to retire.

What are Jim Emonds chances of making the Hall of Fame?

John Sickels and Kevin Goldstein each answer a bunch of prospect-related questions.

-One prospect list is cool, but Jeff Zimmerman combines thirteen of them to get a Wisdom of the Crowds 2010 Prospect Rankings.

Do not get behind in the count against Mark Reynolds.

-The Marlins have some smart eggs on their team.

-Is there a shirt that can prevent pitcher injuries?

-Former Mariners star prospect Jeff Clement is learning how to become a Pirates first baseman.

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