Indians have a new good luck charm

I’m back …

You can’t stop the Indians, you can only hope that you can contain them. Since they got their good luck charm,* they are 7-1.

*Mathew Julius Kovach…New Indians fan and is part Native American. So an Indian Indians fan. Mom and baby are doing well, thanks for asking.

While I would like to give myself credit for inspiring the Indians after picking them to win the World Series, it is pretty evident at this point that the Indians pitching is, quite frankly, out of this world good.

In the past eight games, the Indians team ERA is 1.77. Nobody else is below 2.00. The Indians pitchers have 57 strikeouts to 27 bases on balls.

The Indians offense was helped by going against Boston and Seattle, with team ERAs of 5.74 and 4.87, respectively, during that time**. Even with that advantage, the Indians offense was barely over the league average during that span. Hopefully, some of the Indians on other reservations (Grady Sizemore, Lonnie Chisenhall, and maybe Jason Kipnis) will be available soon to improve the offense.

**Yes, I was shocked to see that Seattle had a better team ERA during that period than Boston.

Sure, you can argue that the Indians ran up against some struggling pitching staffs and this winning streak is an effect of that and small sample size. That is the beauty of this time of year. For a few weeks, the standings give hope. While Red Sox fans are freaking out, Indians and Royals fans are basking in the glory of winning baseball***.

***Also, my preseason predictions don’t look that outlandish. Do they?! Bwahaha!

Can the Indians pitching keep this up? No, but the pitching staff does seem to be better than originally predicted.

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I know it probably won’t last, but its still fun to look at the standings and see the Indians on top.  I’m going to enjoy it while I can.