Individual Stats

As promised, the individual batting and pitching stats have been updated. One of the stats we track is the number of batters faced by each pitcher. Here are the top fifteen in BFP (batters faced by pitcher). Livan Hernandez is at the top of the list, to no one’s surprise. But Brandon Webb has been seeing a lot of action for such a young starter.

Pitcher       Team  BFP
Hernandez L.  MON   650
Mulder M.     OAK   633
Buehrle M.    CHW   621
Oswalt R.     HOU   617
Ponson S.     BAL   611
Glavine T.    NYM   610
Loaiza E.     CHW   604
Batista M.    TOR   602
Rogers K.     TEX   602
Webb B.       ARI   599
Schilling C.  BOS   598
Lidle C.      CIN   596
Pineiro J.    SEA   596
Pavano C.     FLO   594
Johnson R.    ARI   593

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