It’s When the Sparrow Sings!

You’ve been reading it all year. Now, with the post that just went live a few minutes ago, we’ve published the final chapter of Jason Linden’s When the Sparrow Sings. It’s been an incredible ride for Zack Hiatt and his team. But, since it’s admittedly hard to wrap your arms around 11 different internet posts, we’ve gone ahead and compiled the book for sale as an actual book.

Right this very second, you can purchase it in paperback form from Amazon and Createspace, and also on the Kindle. There is also an everlasting link and description up at the THT Bookstore. It’ll make the perfect gift for the baseball fan on your Christmas list. Or for yourself! But don’t take my word for it. The great Joe Posnanski was nice enough to read the book for us. Here’s what he had to say:

Baseball fiction is hard. Well, all fiction is hard, but baseball fiction is particularly so because the game is so hard to capture. What makes Jason Linden’s When the Sparrow Sings so compelling is that it is easy to forget that it is fiction. The baseball feels authentic and close and—like the real thing—so fleeting.”

Not bad for a debut novel. Congratulations are in order to Jason for realizing his vision, and also to friends of the site Brooke Howell for her fabulous illustrations, and Travis Howell for his work on the book’s cover. We’re going to have a new episode of Stealing Home up later today where Jason narrates the first chapter, and there will be some articles/podcasts up on various Reds’ blogs this week as well. I’ll link to everything below as they come available.

One additional note — if you buy a physical copy of the book, Brooke’s illustrations are in grayscale, as it was unfortunately cost prohibitive to publish them in color, but if you buy the Kindle version, that does have the color illustrations. Either way, the illustrations came out fantastic, and Brooke was nice enough to touch up the illustrations in both formats to make sure they look as good as possible!

Be sure to grab your copy of When the Sparrow Sings today!

Here are some links on the book:

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