Last year, I asked THT readers help me with a study for the Hardball Times Annual 2007. I wanted to write about Tommy John surgery, but unfortunately there was no good database on which pitchers had actually had the procedure. Well, you guys came through in a big way, making hundreds of suggestions and helping me create what I thought was a fascinating study. I couldn’t have done it without you.

This year, I would like to look into the Lasik procedure. We know a lot of hitters have had laser eye surgery, but we don’t really know what the effect has been. Can you help me rectify that? Currently, I have a list of about 20 players who have had laser eye surgery, but I imagine there has been a good bit more. THT readers are a passionate and diverse group, and I bet you can help me identify most of the cases I’m missing. If any names come to you, please
; I’ll be very grateful.

Also, I would love to speak to any doctors who specialize in laser eye surgery and would like to be interviewed for this piece.

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