Medium and short-time pitch memory

Maybe you noticed that my last article, “Medium and hort-term pitching memory,” has been removed from the site. While trying to elaborate an answer to one of the comments, I discovered an error in my code that generated the results that were published.

After re-running the correct code, different conclusions came up; which I will probably summarize them in a new article.

The more statistically inclined are surely thinking “Why, were the strong correlations appearing in the article caused by a wrong code? What are the chances?”

Well, those correlations describe another phenomenon that I’m tryng to understand; if something interesting comes up I’ll let you know. (That reminds me of another Italian, that five centuries ago was trying to reach India and discovered a new land—like him, I was fully convinced I was in India).

I also just wanted to make clear that while in the article I thanked Dave Studeman for peer reviewing it, his feedback was on the writing part, not on the analysis. Thus he has absolutely nothing to do with my mistake (nor he was in a position to discover it).

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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