More on last night’s Sox-Mariners game

I already wrote one liveblog entry partially inspired by last night’s White Sox-Mariners game, in which Seattle won 1-0 in 14 innings.

Other stupid thoughts . . . .

Last night was the first time the Mariners won an extra-inning game 1-0. They previously lost five such contests, most recently on April 24, 1993 to the Yankees in 11 innings.

It was also the longest 1-0 game Seattle ever played, breaking the old record of 12 innings set on June 29, 1988 versus the Rangers.

Incredibly, it was Seattle’s fifth 1-0 game of the year. Is it 1908 or something in the Pacific northwest? Seattle is 4-1 in those games. Overall, Seattle is now 37-42 in 1-0 games (at least in the regular season). This is the first time they’ve won four 1-0 games in a season. They previously claimed victory in three such contests in 1979 and 2002.

The White Sox, unsurprisingly for a team that’s been around for over a century, have played in games that lasted this long without scoring. It was their ninth game where no team scored until at least the 14th inning. The White Sox are 2-7 in those games. They’ve also played in a pair of games in the 1910s in which neither team scored a run until darkness ended the contest in the 15th and 16th innings respectively.

Their last game to go until at least the 14th inning before the sole run was scored was a real great game: September 13, 1967 against the Indians, which Chicago won in 17 innings. The Sox were one of four teams fighting for a World Series birth in one of the greatest pennant races of all-time. Chicago starter Gary Peters walked 10 batters in 11 innings of work, but was able to get away with it because he only allowed one hit. That was a 1-out triple in the second, which means he recorded 29 consecutive outs and faced 37 straight batters in that game without giving up a hit. Cleveland didn’t get another hit until the 13th inning. After the third inning, neither team could even get a runner on third base until the game-winning run mercifully ended it.

Last night was Chicago’s 478th regular season game with 1 run scored (though as any Sox fan can tell you, they had at least one such game in the postseason). They’re record in them is 245-232-1. Yeah, a tie. It was on June 20, 1940 versus the Yanks. I don’t quite understand it either, but that’s how it’s listed. The most recent 1-0 game for them until yesterday was the the Black Out Game that won them the AL Central.

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Chris Jaffe
Chris Jaffe

A poster at BTF called SoSH at work looked up the 1-0 tie and found out the following from a site called TakeHimDowntown:

“When Johnny Rigney of the White Sox beat the Yankees 1-0 on June 20, 1940, it marked the first time since 1919 that the Bombers were blanked in extra innings by just one pitcher. The Yanks would protest this 1940 game, and win the ruling, but they would lose the resulting replay of the contest later that season.”

I wonder what the protest was.