Most recent mid-season managerial change for all 30 teams

Word is, the perpetually underachieving Indians just canned their manager, Eric Wedge.

Question: When was the most recent managerial change for all 30 teams.

Before checking the list can you guess which team has gone the longest without doing it? Longest in the other league? Well, here they are, bunched by fives for convenience sake. I look at games managed for tiebreakers when multiple teams appear in the same season:

2009 CLE
2009 HOU
2009 DCN
2009 COL
2009 ARI

2008 MIL
2008 TOR
2008 SEA
2008 NYM
2007 CIN

2007 BAL
2005 KCR
2005 PIT
2004 PHI
2003 FLA

2002 CHC
2002 DET
2001 BOX
2001 TEX
2001 TBD

1999 ANA
1998 LAD
1995 STL
1995 CWS
1992 SDP

1990 ATL
1990 NYY*
1986 MIN
1986 OAK
1985 SFG

I would’ve bet anything Minnesota would come out on top, but no.

I put an asterick by the Yanks because while B-ref lists it as the same guy for every season, I think Zim officially manged them for a month when Joe Torre had a health problem. It’s not an official managerial change, but it was a midseason change nonetheless. (Heck, B-ref notes Pete Rose’s month-long ump-bump suspension in its managerial record).

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Detroit Michael
Detroit Michael

I think the word “mid-season” is missing from this sentence:

Question: When was the most recent managerial change for all 30 teams.

Chris J.
Chris J.


You’re absolutely right.  This is why I need editors. 

Good catch.  Thanks.

Chris J.
Chris J.

I just (very belatedly) read that Wedge will finish out the season.  In that case, the most recent Cleveland midseason managerial change was in 2002, when Manuel went down midseason. 

I assumed he was gone when I heard the news, as that’s normally the case.  Then I got all geeked up to look into this so I lept before looking.

Good grief.

Richard Barbieri
Richard Barbieri

You’re right about Zimmer, Chris, it was early season in ‘99. Although I’m not sure I really count that as a change, since everyone knew Torre was the guy in charge ultimately.

Richard Barbieri
Richard Barbieri

Also, it took me AGES to figure out what the hell “DCN” was.


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