New Yankee Stadium

I wasn’t able to see the exhibition games with Chicago two weeks ago, so today is my first time seeing New Yankee Stadium in game action.

I have to say that I am very impressed. It essentially looks like the same place. Heck the difference between “Renovated Yankee Stadium” and “New Yankee Stadium” is much less than that of “Old Yankee Stadium” and “Renovated Yankee Stadium”. The grass looks the same, the feel is very much the same as the Yankee Stadium I grew up with.

I love how they put the linescore on the outfield wall like in pre-renovation Yankee Stadium, along with the old Ballantine scoreboard, very nice touches. I love how they don’t have double-decker luxury boxes. You don’t pass through heaven on the way to the upper deck like you do in many of the stadiums. And of course, they have the all important open concourses. Heck, they even managed to point it such that there’s a big square building in the skyline.

I was hoping it wouldn’t look like Citi Field, which seems like another of the new cookie-cutter ballparks. Is that one really any different than Comerica Park?

I was very nervous before today. Now that it’s here, I have to say ‘well done Yankees,’ it seems worth spending $10 on a beer if this is what we get in return.

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