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Here’s a list of American League starters who’ve compiled the best DER so far (minimum of 12 innings pitched). DER is the percent of batted balls that have fallen in for hits. A low DER is an indication that the pitcher has great fielders behind him or gives up “fieldable” batted balls, or is just […]

The St. Louis Cardinals’ offense is off to a phenomenal start, the best in the majors. Here’s a list of every Card batter with at least thirty plate appearances, and his Runs Created per 27 Outs. Rolen S. 11.1 Edmonds 10.8 Womack T 10.3 Sanders 9.3 Pujols A 8.2 Renteria 8.1 Matheny 7.1

THT will soon have in-season stats updated daily for you. While we’re working out the kinks of the system, we thought you might like to see some leaderboards. Here’s a simple one: OPS leaders in the American League, for players with a minimum of 20 plate appearances. Lopez, J 1.288 Beltran, C 1.234 Blanco, H […]

Yesterday, Wichita State beat Southern Illinois in the first game of a doubleheader, giving coach Gene Stephenson his 1,428th career victory (all with Wichita State). The win moved Stephenson into second place on the all-time college wins list, ahead of former Texas coach Cliff Gustafson. Stephenson is less than 40 wins behind the #1 guy, […]

Sammy Sosa has already hit two home runs today, moving past Ernie Banks to become the all-time Cubbie home run leader. He’s now got 514 home runs, and it looks like he’s found his batting approach again. In his third at bat, Cincinnati surprisingly chose to pitch to him, with runners on second and third […]

Over at Baseball Prospectus, Dayn Perry has a nice piece on his admiration for Hank Aaron. It’s “Premium” content, but if you’re a subscriber, definitely check it out. Dayn talks about a ’68 Topps card of Aaron that he has especially cherished since his childhood. One of my favorite baseball cards as a kid was […]

After an ill-fated reliever-to-starter conversion years ago, the oft-operated-upon Darren Dreifort is back in the bullpen, and feeling healthy. Dodgers manager Jim Tracy says that Dreifort is up around 97-98 MPH, and Darren himself says that his arm is fine. “I would think if it was going to bother me, it would have by now. […]

A lot has been written and said about the Garrett Anderson contract. I would like to throw in my two cents worth, based on this article. GA is actually going to be paid about $13M a year for four years, because the Angels will have to buy out the fifth year of his contract. Last […]

One of my everyday rituals is to head over to and check out the “birthdays” page. Today, I noticed, is Jeromy Burnitz‘s birthday (among others). That’s not so weird — everybody’s got a birthday. What shocked me is the fact that Burnitz is now 35 years old. I knew that Burnitz became a regular […]

If you signed up for the THT mailing list this week, please sign up again. The crash on Tuesday wiped out all the new members from the mailing list… Fortunately, that appears to be the worst damage the crash caused.

I’m not a “computer guy,” so I’ve only got a vague idea of what the heck happened to THT on Tuesday. Basically, there was a crash of sorts, and we were “down” from then until some time on tax day. Fortunately, we’ve recovered all the archives and stuff, and measures have been taken to prevent […]

I had one of those weird moments yesterday. See, I grew up in Wichita and always rooted for the WSU Shockers, but I went to college at KU and still live in Lawrence. This is rarely an issue for me, but last night the Jayhawks played host to the Shockers at Hoglund Ballpark. I watched […]

The Joe Mauer bandwagon has come to a screeching halt. Mauer tore the “left meniscus cartilage” in his knee while chasing a foul ball last night and will likely be out for a minimum of three weeks. This is one amazingly cruel tease for Twins fans. Mauer started his career hitting .750/.833/.750 in six plate […]

Henry Aaron’s home run and RBI records are still intact, but he’s dropped to #2 in alphabetical order. Giants rookie reliever David Aardsma didn’t just pass the Hammer by appearing in his first big-league game yesterday, he also was the winning pitcher. Of course, since Aardsma is a pitcher, Hank is still #1 alphabetically among […]

The Mets just signed Steve Trachsel to a one-year extension through 2006. As a Mets fan, I can only ask, “Why?” Steve Trachsel has put together a couple of good years for the Mets, but he was already under contract for this year, with an option for 2005. Why add another year that guarantees the […]

I actually find it rather annoying when people make tongue-in-cheek comments early in the season, which I just did. Still… it’s reasonably amazing, is it not, that at the moment I’m writing this (8:50 PM Central time) the Detroit Tigers have the best record in baseball, 2-0? Yes, within a few hours somebody will win […]

The Braves picked up manager Bobby Cox’s 2005 contract option on Monday, all but ensuring him of 2,000 career victories. Cox has 1906 wins right now, so it’s certainly possible he could reach the mark this season. Is Cox the greatest manager of all time? At the very least, he’s got to be on the […]

At the office today after lunch, Mike Webber and I flipped on the TV to watch the Royals-White Sox game. By the 8th inning, KC was down 7-3, and figuring they were finished, I switched over to the Dodgers-Padres contest (San Diego led 1-0 at that point). When I flipped the channel, the bases were […] has its annual baseball expert predictions up. They had 17 people pick the six division winners, two wild card winners, World Series results and six major award winners. As usual, there are some interesting results. I’m not going to tell you everything because you should go check it out yourself, but I crunched the […]

The offense-starved Dodgers acquired Indians headache/OF Milton Bradley today, in exchange for outfield prospect Franklin Gutierrez and a PTBNL. As a Dodger fan, I love that we’ve got Bradley in the outfield. Franklin Gutierrez is no small price to pay — he’s got a chance to be as good as Bradley in three years — […]