Projections now updated every week at THT

THT is proud to offer a brand new stat report: Marcel projections updated every single week. You can now track how a player’s projection changes based on his performance over the course of the season. Worried that Jason Varitek’s ice cold July (.581 OPS) affects what we should expect him to do for the balance of the year? Want to know if picking up Juan Pierre on waivers could be a steal?

Just go to our up-to-date Marcel projections page and search for your favorite player – or peruse a team’s entire roster. As far as we can tell, this is the only place online where you can find free projections for all players that utilize their current season’s performance. Next time some yahoo on a message board quotes a player’s season-to-date totals as if it were that player’s true talent, you can run to THT, find that player’s current Marcel, and come back with that player’s true talent level.

So far, we only have the system set up to do hitters, but we’ll add pitchers as soon as we can.

Major props to Dave Studeman and Bryan Donovan for making all the back-end computer stuff work. Questions, comments, and error reports can be reported to me at (click my name on the sidebar to find my email address). Enjoy, and pass the word along!

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