Quick Notes

No huge news today, but a few interesting things…

The Dodgers added yet another outfielder yesterday, getting Cody Ross from the Tigers for pitcher Steve Colyer and a PTBNL. Assuming the PTBNL is nothing special, I like this deal for LA. Ross is potentially a solid everyday corner outfielder, and he’s very close to being ready for the majors.

DePodesta has now added Jason Grabowski (whom I have always liked), Jayson Werth (whom I’m not particularly high on) and now Ross. I would guess that DePo has something larger up his sleeve, which is why he’s basically collecting bats.

In other news…Ken Griffey Jr. claims to be healthy. Accoding to Cincy manager Dave Miley, “He will work out with us Sunday, and from all telltale signs he should be good to go on Monday.”

Which means you should be seeing “Ken Griffey Jr. re-injured…” on the ESPN news ticker sometime late next week.

And finally…make sure to check THT this weekend, as we’ll have some rare weekend content in preparation for Opening Day (the real one!).

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