Resop has hop

Chris Resop was claimed off waivers from the Angels last October by the Atlanta Braves. He was coming off elbow surgery for tendinitis that ended his 2007 season in July. Prior to this year, his fastball was in the 93-95 mph range (his average fastball speed clocked by PITCHf/x during 2007 was 94.5 mph on 23 pitches), but in spring training this year he was reported to be throwing in the high 90s and even touching 101 on the radar gun.

Resop pitched the sixth inning of tonight’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. My friend Chris noted that the CBS radar gun had him reaching 98 mph and wondered if that was accurate. His fastball speed was ranging 96-98 according to PITCHf/x, so that looks to be true. The same system clocked Glavine’s fastball in the 84-86 mph range tonight, similar to his fastball speed last year, so the calibration would appear to be accurate.

Resop threw 11 fastballs–two balls, one swinging strike, five that were fouled off, and two that were put in play for a ground out and a line drive double. He also threw five curveballs–two balls, one called strike, and two that were put in play for ground outs. His curveball looks like it has good 12-to-6 movement, about eight inches of drop from spin movement alone.

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