Return of the WPA Inquirer

We used to have this really cool thing on the old Hardball Times website.  It was called the WPA Inquirer and it allowed you to look up the Win Expectancy and Leverage Index of any situation, compare it to another and then calculate the difference between the two.  We call that last thing Win Probability Added.

Anyway, it was way cool and used a lot, but in all the hassle of creating a new website it kind of got lost in the shuffle. We don’t rest at THT, however, and I’m happy to say that not only is the WPA Inquirer back but it’s better than ever. In fact, here it is:

As you can see, the Inquirer is now a live app. It instantly returns results for you. Want to change one of your assumptions? Go ahead and select it from one of the dropdown items and the results will change automatically. Anytime you’re thinking about a game situation and wondering what the potential game impact of a hit might be, check it out on the WPA Inquirer.

The WPA Inquirer will be housed permanently on this webpage, in the Tools section of our site.

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