Rob Neyer just walked by

I’m here at the Sloan Sports Conference, and the keynote speech (Wyc Grousbeck, CEO of the Celtics) is about to begin. I’m sitting next to David Pinto of Baseball Musings (he’s liveblogging the event). I was at this conference last year, and it was a blast. This year is no different. Last night, I spent a few hours chatting baseball with Joe Bohringer and Helen Zelman of the Arizona Diamondbacks, author of Diamond Dollars Vince Gennaro, Andy Andres of BaseballHQ, Diamond Mind creator and current Red Sox consultant Tom Tippett, and David Pinto. I tried my best to shut up and learn from those smarter than me.

I’ll update this space if there any interesting tidbits

And hey, Rob Neyer just walked by, but no, he wasn’t wearing flannel.

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