Searching THT Forecasts in your browser

If you’re a THT Forecasts subscriber (and if you aren’t, why not sign up today?), it turns out that you can search for players on Forecasts without having to go to the home page first. It works differently for different browsers, but here’s how to do it for the most popular ones:

1. For Internet Explorer users, simply go here and follow the instructions in the box on the right-hand side.

2. If you use Firefox, this article should explain everything in sufficient detail. Simply go to THT Forecasts, right-click on the player search box, and you should be able to add the search engine to Firefox.

3. And, if like me, you use Chrome, right-click on the browser search/URL bar, select “Edit search engines…,” then select “Add…,” give Forecasts a name and keyword (I just use “Forecasts” for both), and paste in the following URL:[]=&org_id[]=&class_cd[]=&search=%s

Hit “OK” and you’re done. Now, when you want to search a player in Forecasts, all you have to do is type in “Forecasts” (or whatever your keyword is) in the search/URL bar, hit “Tab,” type in the player’s name, and hit “Enter.” Pretty nifty.

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Jeffrey Gross
Jeffrey Gross

I still have the old THT search addon that lets me search the database of data thru 2008 smile. It’s just been replaced