Season Preview Update

They say that, in baseball, you have to be able to accept failure (after all, even the best hitters make outs over 60% of the time). Well, the same is true in baseball publishing.

We found a couple of mistakes in our projections. Actually, just two pitcher projections were off, which is pretty darn good. But one of them was Francisco Rodriguez of the Angels (the other was Brian Tallet) so we figured we’d better correct them. Also, David has improved his pitcher projection methodology a bit by refining the batted ball regression calculations. So, we’ve posted a new spreadsheet of projections, under the same URL from which you downloaded the original projections. Just turn to page 11 of your book for details.

Also, those of you who bought the first few printed versions of the book probably noticed some weird black type on the cover. If you got one like that, congratulations! Thanks to my screw-up, you’ve got something that will be a collector’s item years from now. Seriously, the cover has been fixed and most of you received a clean version. I just hope Aaron Reynolds doesn’t get too mad at me for messing up his awesome cover photo.

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