Selig gets Bowie Kuhn Syndrome

According to Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle, Bud Selig is considering invoking his “best interests of the game” powers to implement a sterner steroid testing policy.

I think this has about as much chance of succeeding as an attempt by Selig to unilaterally impose a salary cap.

Selig is, I assume, trying to leverage the public’s desire for a tougher testing policy to either prevent a MLBPA grievance (no chance there), or influence arbitrator Shyam Das’ decision, which seems just as unlikely. Like it or not, drug testing is an issue subject to collective bargaining, and the current CBA implemented this system. The owners will have to give the players something in exchange for a stronger policy, either now or when the CBA expires, and Selig is trying to avoid that. He’s certain to fail.

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