The Vi flies forever

If you’re a SABR member, I suspect you always enjoy receiving your Baseball Research Journal in the mail, as I did when I received mine last Friday. This issue was no disappointment, providing a full slate of original, intriguing articles.

But one article in particular caught my eye, and warmed my heart. The concluding piece in this hefty magazine was a brief two-pager entitled, “Remembering the Golden Age of Baseball: Preserving the Past.”

That much didn’t grab me. What did was the byline: Vi Owen.

If you know Vi, as I do, then you don’t need me to tell you any more: you already understand what a warm, genuine lady she is, and what an original contributor she’s been to the chronicling of baseball history.

If you don’t know Vi, then please allow me to provide you with just this fact: she’s now 90 years of age.

Ninety, and still delivering articles to deadly-serious baseball journals. You go, Vi.

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