THT helps Banny

According to this piece by Joe Posnanski, Brian Bannister is looking to THT’s stats for a little insight and help.

“Look at my xFIP,” he is saying as he pulls out a few pages he printed off the Internet site, “The Hardball Times.” He points out his xFIP — an advanced pitching statistic that stands for “Expected Fielding Independent Pitching.”

“Look,” he says, and here is his row of xFIP numbers:

2006: 6.29.

2007: 5.14.

2008: 4.59.

“Look at that,” he says again. “I’m actually pitching better than I was last year. My xFIP is down. It’s just that I got lucky last year.”

We’re happy to provide some solace, Brian. Hang in there. (Hat tip: Tango)

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