THT Leaderboard: BA/RISP

All stats have been updated as of the All Star Game break. One of the stats we track closely is how well batters have been hitting with runners in scoring position. Here’s a list of the top ten batter averages with RISP in the National League (minimum of 200 plate appearances):

Estrada J. ATL    .458
Rolen S.   STL    .402
Abreu B.   PHI    .372
Bonds B.   SFG    .371
Miles A.   COL    .361
Roberts D. LAD    .360
Casey S.   CIN    .355
Green N.   ATL    .349
Pierzynski SFG    .346
Griffey Jr CIN    .343

Nick Green may be no Marcus Giles, but he’s not chopped liver, either. He’s creating 6 runs per 27 outs, which is above the league average.

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