THT Leaderboard: Out%

Our stats have been updated through yesterday’s games. One thing we report, thanks to our friends at BIS, is the number of outs created by each player, whether at the plate, on the basepaths, or grounding into a double play.

Here’s a list of all the players whose outs are 60% or less of their plate appearances (minimum 300 plate appearances):

Player      Team   PA  Out%
Bonds B.    SFG   482  .398
Helton T.   COL   534  .551
Berkman L.  HOU   536  .569
Thomas F.   CHW   311  .569
Snow J.     SFG   322  .578
Abreu B.    PHI   562  .585
Edmonds J.  STL   496  .587
Drew J.     ATL   502  .588
Mora M.     BAL   473  .588
Loretta M.  SDP   568  .593
Hafner T.   CLE   486  .595
Rolen S.    STL   519  .597
Thome J.    PHI   509  .599

That Barry Bonds is quite a good player!

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