THT Leaderboard: Tigers in the clutch

We’ve updated our batting and pitchings stats, through games of April 26th, and we’ve tweaked some of the stats. You can find them in that section called “Stats.”

You may not believe it, but the best offense in the American League right now belongs to the Detroit Tigers. They lead the league in runs scored, despite ranking sixth in OPS. The difference is their clutch hitting.

So far, the Tigers are batting .315 with runners in scoring position, vs. .280 overall. Here’s a list of their top six batters with runners in scoring position:

Inge B.         .455
Munson E.       .438
Higginson B.    .438
White R.        .400
Rodriguez I     .400
Guillen C.      .400

Although they’re not likely to maintain that level of performance, give the Tigers credit for what they’ve done so far.

Source: Baseball Info Solutions

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