THT’s team page is now live

Our team page is now live for 2009, updated through yesterday’s games. I like to think that our team page is the best single URL on the web for finding how each team is performing. For instance, today’s update shows that…

  • The Rangers have scored 9.7 runs a game (with an OPS of 1.059), exactly eight more than the White Sox (1.7 runs a game).
  • Florida’s bats have packed the most “game-worthy” punch, with a WPA of 1.06.
  • The White Sox’s and Marlins’ pitchers are averaging 10.2 strikeouts per game.
  • Overall, 14% of outfield flies have been home runs; the typical average is 11%.
  • The Tiger bullpen has been the worst in the majors so far, with a WPA of -1.18.
  • The vaunted Seattle outfield defense is off to a good start. Overall, the Mariner defense is seven plays above average, and their outfield has a 1.000 Revised Zone Rating and has made 11 plays out of zone.

I’ll be updating the team page every morning the rest of the season.

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