Timo for Ginter

The Mets and White Sox traded a couple of players yesterday. Timo Perez, who no longer fit on the Mets’ roster was dealt for Matt Ginter, who’s been on and off the ChiSox’s roster over the past few years.

Perez was always an enigma to Mets’ fans. He certainly looked like a ballplayer, and he was an important player in their 2000 postseason success. Unfortunately, his brain freeze on Todd Zeile’s near-home run in the World Series proved to be symptomatic of a lack of certain baseball instincts (such as only swinging at strikes). Still, he is a good fourth outfielder, and could make a decent platoon with Aaron Rowand in center field. At the least, this will stop the Sox from playing Willie Harris in center.

Ginter, meanwhile, has some good stuff, but he’s shown a consistent inability to retire lefthanders, and seems unlikely to distinguish himself from the Mets’ plethora of AAAA arms.

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