Top games of the week: April 24 to April 30

Another week of baseball is behind us, and the following are the best games that occurred during the last seven days.

  date               game stars
 04-25    Braves @ Padres    **
 04-25  Dodgers @ Marlins    **
 04-26   Giants @ Pirates    **
 04-29 Cardinals @ Braves    **
 04-30      Angels @ Rays     *

With a full month of ballgames in the books, it’s time to list the top contests of April.

  date               game stars
 04-08  Rockies @ Pirates   ***
 04-09 Blue Jays @ Angels   ***
 04-20      Padres @ Cubs   ***
 04-21   Braves @ Dodgers    **
 04-05 White Sox @ Royals    **

{exp:list_maker}This is the reference article outlining how the games are ranked. The numbers of stars assigned to a ballgame can be as high as five, but that is reserved for the best games ever. Four stars are for once-in-a-decade duels. {/exp:list_maker}

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Jim C
Jim C

What about Nats-Giants of Saturday April 30? I believe it is the only time a team received 9 walks and 3 hbp’s and only scored one run in the history of the major leagues.