Top games of the week: July 24-30

Since Max Marchi will be out of town for a few weeks this summer, he’s asked me to help with his weekly “Top games of the week” column. Here’s a look at this week’s top games according to Max’s methodology, which can be found in this article.

 date	                  game	stars
07-25	      Royals @ Red Sox	***	box score
07-26	      Angels @ Indians	**	box score
07-30	      Royals @ Indians	**	box score
07-27	    Astros @ Cardinals	*	box score
07-26	      Pirates @ Braves	*	box score

The Royals-Red Sox game of July 25 comes in first for this week and stands at sixth for the season. The Pirates-Braves game above is the infamous “Jerry Meals game.”

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