Top games of the week: Sept. 4-10

Below is a list of the five most exciting games played this week. You can read about how these games were determined to be the best in this article by Max Marchi.

 date	                  game	stars	
09-04	    Phillies @ Marlins	****	box score
09-07	     Orioles @ Yankees	***	box score
09-10	 Padres @ Diamondbacks	**	box score
09-09	    Astros @ Nationals	**	box score
09-06	           Reds @ Cubs	**	box score

Ladies and gentlemen, the Phillies-Marlins game above is your new best game of the year, and the only game so far in 2011 to earn the rare four-star rating. The game was a 14-inning affair that ended in a wild sequence that included two intentional walks and two unintentional walks, one of which was a walk-off drawn by Mike Cameron. The Phillies played the game under protest after Hunter Pence was called out on a controversial fan interference call.

The game is also the best game of the last three seasons, and only two other games since 2009 have earned the four-star rating.

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