World Series live blog: Game Four

Hardball Times copy editor Greg Simons is not one of those people the TV moguls fear will be put off by a Middle America World Series. He’s a lifelong Cardinals fan. As with Games One, Two and Three, we asked him to put on his red cap and share his observations as he watches.

Oh, yeah, it’s Sunday, which means the World Series pregame gets shortened so Fox can show more football. We all know where Fox’s favor lies.

I’m predicting right now—five homers for Albert Pujols tonight. How could I possibly look foolish?

Listening to Zooey Deschanel sing the national anthem, I’m reminded of the scene in Elfin which she and Will Ferrell sing “together” in the department store

First inning
Adrian Beltre‘s prevents a leadoff double by Rafael Furcal. Nice grab.

Okay, scratch that five homer prediction. He’ll only get four.

Nice rip to right by Josh Hamilton, and Elvis Andrus has left the basepaths. There goes St. Louis’ streak of scoring first.

Ron Washington needs to show more emotion. He’s so stoic.

The first two names that come to mind as Joe Buck and Tim McCarver talk about wide-open stances are Jim Edmonds and Jeff Bagwell. Bags looked like he was squatting on a stool.

Thank you, David Murphy, for your lack of patience—and for not hitting a grand slam.

Second inning
Nice positioning by Ian Kinsler on Yadier Molina‘s knock that I thought would get through. And Yady showed off his blazing speed getting down the line.

Yady, Yady, Yady, get your pickoffs here!

Third inning
For a minute I thought I saw Jenna Fischer, Pam from The Office, sitting behind home plate. She’s a Redbird fan, but this lady is wearing a red shirt with a big “T” on the front, so it’s not her.

I wonder if “Do The Wash” will get as big as “The Super Bowl Shuffle.”

McCarver: “Am I missing something? What’s Sprockets?” Not a timely reference, but too “mod” for McCarver.

Fourth inning
How are Derek Holland and his high school mustache holding down the Cards’ bats like this?

Mental Health and the CBA
A particular bit of language in the latest CBA could have negative consequences for some players.

Jon Jay sure is getting his exercise tonight. Edwin Jackson owes him a nice dinner.

Someone needs to tell Jackson home plate is 60 feet, six inches away, not 55.

Fifth inning
Berkman again gets something started, but a double play wipes him out.

For his part, Jackson issues yet another free pass—his fifth—to start the bottom of the frame. But he escapes the inning unscathed.

Sixth inning
It’s much easier to find things to write about when things actually, y’know, happen. Did the Series shift back to chilly St. Louis when no one was looking?

Six walks for Jackson. He gave out eight free passes in his 149-pitch no-hitter back in June 2010.

Okay, make that seven walks. Time for Tony La Russa to tell Jackson good night.

Oh, geesh, Jackson could have done that, Boggs! Heck, my Mom could have done that. A 4-0 deficit looks monumental tonight—quite unlike last night.

Well, at least things are happening to write about now.

Seventh inning
The big strike zone is keeping scoring down tonight, while Holland is keeping the Cardinals’ scoring nonexistent.

Eighth inning
Since it was the kids’ bed time, I was going to quote Bill James and say “Pass” on the penultimate frame. However, I will say that the double play started by Nick Punto was quite nice.

Ninth inning
Texas is trying to add a bit of drama with these walks. It’s working.

Yes, Rangers fans are feliz about Neftali Feliz.

Holland was terrific tonight. Very impressive. And Napoli is a monster.

This has been quite the unpredictable set of games. With the World Series tied, 2-2, there will be a trip back to St. Louis. Cardinals fans are guaranteed yet another chance to cheer for Pujols at home, but we’ll have to see tomorrow if they’ll be cheering for a Wednesday win to clinch a title or simply to keep their season alive.

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Greg has been a writer and editor for both The Hardball Times website and Annual since 2010. In his dreams, he's the second coming of Ozzie Smith. Please don't wake him up.

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