Yo, Adrian, we did it

On Bill Simmons’ reader email page, a Sox fan named Joshua Reidy wrote this before the game:

This Yankees-Sox series has constantly reminded me of Rocky 2. Last seasons seven-game epic was much like the original Rocky (All we wanted to do was go the distance). This seasons series is much like Rocky 2, the two teams slugging it out, with Creed opening quickly and trying to lay the smack down. However, the sox keep answering the bell, Game 4, Game 5, and now Game 6 to take it to the final round. Think The Rock can beat the count??

I love it. Fox went with the Rocky theme tonight too, and they were right — this ALCS was a movie-style heavyweight fight. And then from Rocky IV, as my cousin Nick kept quoting, “The Russian is cut!”

What a comeback. That’s all I’ve got.

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