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While I suspect that a lot of longtime ShysterBall readers are longtime THT readers as well, that probably doesn’t go for everyone, so I’m going to try to make a regular point of letting you blog-feed-only people know that there is a lot of really spiffy stuff being posted over here every day. For example, today we have:

  • An in-depth analysis of batted-ball data by Chris Dutton and Peter Bendix, all done in an effort to come up with a better way to predict BABIP;
  • A look at the ten most interesting Rule 5 draft picks since 1981 by Steve Treder. Note: if you become Steve’s Facebook friend, you’ll have the pleasure of reading a different bit of 1980s pop music lyrics every time you log on; and
  • A look at what makes Jamie Moyer Jamie Moyer which, with any luck, will shut up that jackass at the office who insists that he could do what Moyer does if only given the chance. It’s by Josh Kalk by the way so, yes, there will be PitchFX. It will not, however be on the exam, so please listen rather than just madly taking notes. We’re here to learn people.

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    Great article on Moyer and why he is actually a great pitcher and not just a lucky dude that got a break the local semi-pro players harps about never getting.  The ability to disguise his pitches is a mastery of the mechanics of pitching that most pitcher cannot achieve and in fact his greatest at it has made what he does look easy – while in fact he is functioning at a level many good, and great, pitcher only wished they could achieve.