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A Tuck! A Borawski! A Carty! A Brattain! Panama!

  • John Brattain makes Tim Raines’ case for Cooperstown by way of comparison to Rickey Henderson, Jim Rice, and Lou Brock. There will be much more on Rock later in the week, so think of this as an amuse-bouche. Deep thought: if Raines had played 12 seasons in New York and three in Montreal instead of the other way around, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Of course, if Raines was a Yankee in the mid 80s, Rickey would likely have never been traded there, the South would have won the Civil War and I would be my own grandfather. The lesson: don’t mess with the space-time continuum;
  • Brian Borawski surveys the latest business of baseball headlines. Deep thought: if in 2007 the Indians had Borawski as their closer rather than Borowski, they would have gone just as far in the playoffs;
  • Tuck! illustrates Boston’s relief over Mike Mussina’s retirement. (psst! Tuck! You forgot to include the weeping Statue of Liberty!); and
  • Fantasy Focus’ Derek Carty explains how, despite the plethora of objective data out there, many fantasy baseball owners will always make roster decisions based on subjective opinions. In this they are just like the real baseball owners.
  • Now get busy reading that stuff. This day is not going to waste itself.

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    Pete Toms
    Pete Toms

    I now have 2 reasons to visit THT.  Our lord & shepherd CC now ministers here and I’ve long been a loyal reader of Brian Borawski.  I agree with Brian that the new Marlins stadium is far from a done deal because of credit.

    Darren Rovell predicted recently that in 09 a big stadium project will fail because of the credit crisis.  He didn’t predict which one, but mentioned the A’s and the Marlins as possibilities.

    Anyway, really just wanted to express my admiration for Brian’s work @ THT.

    Sara K
    Sara K

    There’s something politically brilliant about doing a link-o-rama to the other contributors on the site that hosts you. wink

    Of course, the other writers on this site *are* outstanding, so wot the heck. I’m clicking right now…