Today at THT

Columbus like a Christmas tree,
Tonight this city belongs to me.

  • Josh Kalk looks at what happens to Ben Sheets when he pitches while injured. Your guess as to where Kalk got the data of a non-injured Sheets pitching is as good as mine.
  • Treder and Namee continue their series on what the 1916-1925 Red Sox might have looked like had a non-crazy person been in control. If there’s any justice in the universe, when they’re done with the Sox, they’ll apply the same analysis to the 1988-1992 New York Yankees.
  • And over at Fantasy Focus, Paul Singman investigates the Phantasy Phallout of the Gerald Larid to Detroit trade. Singman is thorough: he takes the analysis all the way back to Jim Sundberg! Meanwhile, Derek announces the advent of commenting on the Fantasy Focus blog. Play nice, everyone.

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