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Some stuff to think about while coming to grips with the fact that Killer Kowalski died this year and no one bothered to tell you:

  • A couple of weeks ago, Dave Studeman looked at whether September games were more important than games in April and found out that they kinda sorta maybe were. Today he looks at whether September games are more dramatic. I used to measure this sort of thing with the girls I knew in high school, but it turns out that this is about how many games behind a playoff position a given team is on a given day and not how often someone leaves English class in tears because no one understands them. Either way, it turns out that the 2008 Minnesota Twins are the rough equivalent of 1990 Susan Linderman. Man that chick was messed up.
  • ‘Tis the season for end-of-year retrospectives, and as such, Chris Jaffe spects retroly at some stuff that he wrote in THT in 2008. As I am now reviewing what he is reviewing, there’s a pretty decent chance that we’re all about ready to go back in time. Please: no one use a microwave for the next few minutes. Chris also counts up how many authors have contributed to THT since its inception. In so doing, he comments about how there are more authors around here than there used to be, specifically mentioning Tuck! Fantasy Focus, and me and saying “if there’s safety in numbers, our insurance rates should be dropping.” As is always the case with statistical analysis, there is room for quibbling, and I regret to inform Chris that his optimistic assessment does not account for the fact that my contributions have dramatically increased the chances that THT will be sued for libel.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Victor Wang breaks down the fantasyability of Chris Davis, while Derek Carty assesses the impact of Randy Johnson on the Giants. Should you draft either of these guys? Don’t ask me. I’m the guy who had a middle infield of Uggla and Jeter last year in a league that counted defense pretty heavily.

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