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I’m in a Diamondmind sim league with Dayn Perry, Joe Dimino, Shredder, and a bunch of guys whose names you might know if you hang around Baseball Think Factory a lot. Last night I turned in my keeper list in the runup to this year’s draft. We’re allowed to keep ten players. I listed mine, and even though they are merely virtual, textual and statistical representations of real people, the guys I kept started a whisper campaign to the local media about how I simply don’t care about winning. Then the press saw that I didn’t keep the fake Jeter, and they really let me have it. Rough league.

  • The Big Bad Don Malcom begins an omnibus what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-the-Hall-of-Fame and-how-do-we-fix-it series. Grab a soda for this one, because it’s gonna take you a while to get through it. It’s Malcom, though, so it’s worth getting through
  • Brian Borawski has the latest business of baseball roundup. How lame does Mark Cuban feel about the fact that a former agent cum executive can decide to buy the Padres seemingly overnight and make it happen while a billionaire who already owns a team in another sport can’t make it happen at all?
  • Tuck! illustrates the passion of Red Sox fans
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Derek Carty talks late first round strategy. I don’t know about you, but by seventh or eighth pick of the first round I have already screwed up my entire draft, and that’s even the case when I’m drafting ninth.

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