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When I joined up with THT, the bosses told me that I should probably avoid writing about religion. And they’re right, because there’s really nothing good that can come of the subject in an open forum, especially when we’re supposed to be talking about baseball. I will say, however — just in passing — that the non-existence of God was confirmed to me yesterday morning as I was watching SportsCenter and a commercial came on for Hampton Inn that employed the Beatles’ “A Little Help From My Friends” with some awful muzaked-up arrangement that no all-loving, all-powerful being ever would have allowed to come into creation. So, hey, enjoy the dark void of nothingness, everybody, because apparently that’s all we have ahead of us.

Anyway, today at THT:

  • Richard Barbieri would like to remind all of you that Albert Pujols is your daddy.
  • Eric Seidman lets us know what’s new at the amazing and astounding Fangraphs. Two statistics to think about: wOBA and wRAA. For the record, I sat here for ten minutes trying to think up some phony and vaguely dirty things those acronyms could stand for, but came up with bubkis.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Alex Zelvin tells us how to get the best use out of our closers while playing Rotohog. Later, Tony La Russa will tell you how to get the best use of your LOOGY.
  • Don’t worry everyone, If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks, then I’ll follow you into the dark.

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    I blame Michael Jackson for that.  He owns the entire Lennon/McCartney catelog.  I cringe every time I hear a Beatles song (or that damn Viva Viagra song).  Knowing that they rip “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is one of the major reasons I won’t ever watch “Moulin Rouge”.  (Well, that and the fact that Nicole Kidman sucks.)

    By the way, I’m scared of the dark.  So if you see someone cursing Michael Lewis for duping me into believing Billy Beane was God (only to find out he didn’t really even exist), please help me.

    In Moneyball I trust.